Physical Damage Insurance For Semi Truck

Imagine being attacked by villains from external galaxy, and as usual heroes from Marvel Universe comes to save up the New York city. While they save the city, your truck may be damaged during the clash. Well, physical damage can cause from anywhere in the real world. And you wouldn’t wanna waste your savings for the Christmas Holiday mending your Semi Truck, do you?

Like Peter Parker said, “I promise, I will fix this”.  In case, you had a bad day, and damaged your semi truck, a semi truck insurance can cover for all the financial damages, that comes when repairing the truck.

Elevate Safety To New Heights

Semi-trucks roll on the road more than any other vehicle physical damage insurance for semi-truck is a bright idea. Get it now! Transportation on the road is the most fundamental form of transportation within a country. Among all commercial vehicles, semi-trucks are a popular vehicle used in road transportation to transfer services and goods. Semi-trucks are comparatively bigger and are also prone to accidents and damages. Thus, needs semi-truck insurance for the same.

Why is the Semi-truck Industry in Alaska so important?

The trucking industry is the United States’ lifeline as the whole economy depends on it to deliver goods and services. According to an article published by Business Insider, it demonstrates that the semi-trucking business is billions of dollars worth of business and employs more than five percent of the total workforce within the country. Moreover, it transports seventy-one percent of the entire shipment in the United States.

Coverage Included in Semi-Truck Insurance

“Try not to slip, we don’t have a liability insurance”, Just Kidding. We do have variety of liability insurance in case you slipped somewhere and get yourself damaged along with the truck.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance provides coverage for claims resulting from business operations such as property damage, medical bills, and injuries – if your driver runs into an accident. Liability insurance will also compensate your legal defense costs, regardless of who’s at fault.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance 

Worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory in almost all states. It pays your workers for lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and so on. A single driver transports a significant amount of shipment; thus, one’s well-being is in the business’s best interest.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial umbrella insurance reimburses you if your current plan is not enough to cover up losses incurred. For example, if you are at fault in an accident and the goods damaged are significantly more than your limit. Commercial umbrella insurance will cover all the excess costs under trucking insurance.

Semi-trucks roll on the road more than any other vehicles, the best insurance companies for trucking are a bright idea. Know more! 

What are the costs attached to Semi-truck Insurance?

Semi-truck insurance in Alaska is generally expensive because of the nature of the job. This happens due to commercial trucks always being on the move and is a high-risk business. Therefore, the premiums are higher. Some factors determining the premiums are as follows:

  • Credit record
  • The driver’s experience and licenses
  • The price of the truck
  • Payment plans
  • Type of product your business ships
  • Operating areas

Different insurance for different trucks:

Listed below are multiple types of insurance from local insurance agents available for businesses with different types of trucks through insurance carrier:

  • Semi-truck insurance (18 wheelers or tractor-trailers)
  • Tank truck insurance
  • Garbage truck insurance
  • Box truck insurance
  • Tow truck insurance
  • Commercial dump truck insurance
  • Car haulers and auto trailers insurance
  • Flatbed truck insurance

You should also know an independent insurance brokerage or insurance agent brokerage firm that is selling insurance such as for truck or cybersecurity insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is semi-truck  physical damage insurance?

Physical damage truck insurance, also known as collision coverage, covers the cost of repairing or replacing damaged tractors and trailers. It protects your rig 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether it is used for personal or commercial purposes.

What are the types of Semi Truck insurance?

Types of Semi Truck Insurance

  • Primary Liability Insurance
  • Physical Damage Insurance Coverage
  • Bobtail Insurance
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

What is non trucking liability insurance?

Non-trucking Liability Insurance protects owner-operators from liability claims when the truck is used for non-commercial purposes, regardless of whether a load is attached or not.

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