January 20, 2022
January 20, 2022

Semi Truck Commercial 


Scottdale, GA, is a beautiful city to call home for many people. Although tremendous beauty, the Scottdale roads come with severe risks. Such risks are one of the main reasons that make auto insurance from a truck insurance agency in Scottdale expensive. Likewise, the dangers on roads are greater as most accident-prone highways in the country are present in Georgia. Moreover, semi truck insurance companies in Georgia have the right to raise premiums without the approval of the state insurance commissioner. For this reason, there is an increment in insurance rates. Semi-truck commercial insurance agency is expensive because of various reasons. Here, you can learn about the factors that affect its insurance blog. 

Commercial Trucking Insurance

If one of your trucks is involved in an accident, commercial truck insurance is a crucial sort of coverage to protect you from unexpected expenditures. You already know that you need auto insurance to stay legal on the road if you operate a personal truck or car.

When you utilize your truck to move products, animals, customers, or supplies, you need commercial trucking insurance. A commercial insurance truck policy will fill up the gaps left by your personal auto insurance if you use your vehicle both professionally and personally. However, this isn’t always the case with larger commercial trucking firms.

Primary liability is the first coverage in a trucking insurance policy, and it is followed by various other coverages. To safeguard property and persons from harm caused by your trucks, you must have primary liability coverage as part of your trucking license.

Some of the commercial truck insurance includes:

1. Primary Auto Liability

2. Physical Damage

3. General Liability 

4. Motor Truck Cargo

5. Bobtail 

6. Medical Payment

7. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists


How Much Does It Cost For Auto Insurance From an insurance agency? 

Auto insurance in Georgia is more expensive than the national average. It costs around $1595 per year for full coverage auto insurance. Additionally, you can compare three or more auto insurance quotes to find cheaper quotes. 

By recognizing what affects your car insurance prices, you can get truck insurance quote. Here are 5 smart hacks for you. 

Top 5 Reasons Coverage From Auto Insurance Agency In Scottdale Is Expensive 

There are numerous unique reasons why car insurance goes up every year in Georgia. Some of them are: 

Expensive Healthcare 

Healthcare in Scottdale, Georgia, is becoming more expensive. Likewise, auto insurance agencies have to bear a high amount of medical bills when someone files a claim. In Georgia, healthcare cost rises by an average of 6.2% every year. 

Uninsured Drivers 

Many people in Georgia drive uninsured. With the increase in insurance premiums, more drivers take the risk of driving without auto insurance. Similarly, according to Insurance Informative Institute, about 12% of drivers lacked even minimum liability auto insurance in 2015. So, customers who buy insurance have higher premiums to mitigate an uninsured driver’s risks during an accident. 

Increase In Traffic 

The traffic in the Scottdale’s road is increasing rapidly. As a result, there is also a rise in the number of accidents, claims, and payouts. According to Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, in Georgia itself, there were nearly 1,504 fatal crashes in 2018. 

Expensive Auto Repairs 

Another main reason auto insurance in Scottdale, Georgia, is getting more costly is that repairing cars is becoming more expensive. Likewise, the average expense of car repairs in Georgia was $966.00 in 2016, while it was only $768.34 in 2012 according to Insurance Informative Institute. 

Severe Weather 

Scottdale, Georgia, is experiencing more extreme weather events like flooding, tropical storms, and droughts. Such weather is getting more common. Similarly, insurers’ claims increase, which tends to be further expensive and less predictable. As a result, they have to increase rates to cope up with claims. 

Tactics To Lower Cost Of Auto Insurance Agency In Scottdale 

It isn’t possible to control all of contributing factors as various things affect the cost of auto insurance. However, you can lower your insurance costs by obeying traffic laws, driving safely, and maintaining a clean driving record. Moreover, you should also compare rates from at least three insurance companies. Making comparisons can give you an insight into the variation of costs in the market. 

The bad thing about the insurance rate hikes is that people are getting used to these increases. People need to focus more on minimizing the costs with possible steps. Most importantly, every driver must get auto insurance to increase the number of insured drivers in Scottdale. 

The presence of multiple factors can hike insurance rates. But, there are also ways to reduce them. Why not look for ways to reduce costs rather than paying more? Therefore, you can look for the best insurance agents in Scottdale to make the process of getting insurance free of hassle. 

 You can also become insurance agent and become insurance producer on how to become an insurance agent from independent insurance brokerage firm

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of semi truck insurance are there?

Primary Liability Insurance is a major type of semi truck insurance.  The other types of semi truck insurance are:

  • Insurance for covering physical damage
  • Insurance for Bobtail trucks
  • Coverage of cargo for Motor Trucks

Why is the cost of commercial truck insurance so high?

Accidents and infractions have a greater influence on a commercial truck coverage than on a standard auto policy since huge, heavy trucks delivering bulk volumes of merchandise may cause far more damage. A little speeding violation on a trucker's driving record might result in a significant rise in their insurance premium.

What is the definition of commercial bobtail insurance?

Bobtail insurance is similar to non-trucking liability insurance in that it offers coverage when driving a truck without a trailer, which is usually referred to as "bobtailing." Bobtail insurance protects the tractor while it is not coupled to a trailer, regardless of whether the truck is sent or not.

Is physical damage synonymous with bobtail insurance?

A bobtail policy protects any responsibility that may emerge from an accident when your truck is not carrying any goods, but a physical damage policy covers all damages that your vehicle may sustain. In the event of an accident, bobtail insurance does not cover damages to your truck because it only covers liabilities.

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